I’m Sick of Direct Sales Coaches Teaching Me Shit That Doesn’t Work!

From waste-of-my-time booking party strategies…To games that are wasting valuable party time…SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!



Take my hand…

Reach out right now and grab it…

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to ROCK Direct Sales The Smart Way!

I am just as sick of all the shit that’s out there as you are…

And to tell you the truth, for a little while I was part of the shit too, until I gave myself a wake up call.

Wait, I guess I should introduce myself *GIGL

I’m Power Coach Alishia, the creator of Rockstar Direct Sales &Rockstar Nation!

I spent 6 years in the trenches of the Direct Sales world – and 3 of those I was spinning my wheels “trying” to decipher the SOLIDITYfrom the FLUFF.

What I found was…

What was solid for one person, was fluff for another!

So the training, tactics and tools just weren’t working for me overall and they were stressing me the hell out…like ALL the time!

Have you ever felt like that with the training you’ve gotten?

Because, supporting my family of 4 on my Direct Sales business as the sole bread-winner, I didn’t have time for the fluffy shit, I needed the SOLIDITY of the WHAT WORKS!

And everything I was seeing was just NOT working on a regular basis for me…

So I went on a hunt to figure out what was SOLID and exactly what I needed to do to succeed…

What I found is that it really wasn’t out there…


What I did find wasn’t easy to implement…

You feel me on that, right?

You’re going through that right now…

That’s why you’re here…

Here’s The GOOD NEWS for YOU!

I made all the mistakes for you…

I figured it out through trial and error…

I removed all the fluff and got down to RESULTS…

Made everything I knew and found, easy to implement…

And the result…THIS SHIT WORKS! (and it works for MOST people)

It works so well, I was practically forced to become a Direct Sales Coach so that I could teach you how to rock your business “The Smart Way(TM)”

The same tips, tricks, tools and training that you will learn here are what I personally created and used to:

  • Have a consistent calendar full of 16 parties every month!
  • Holding 12 of those parties per month
  • Attendance of 15+ ladies at each party
  • 12 Orders Per party
  • $120 per person order
  • $1,400 party average
  • I was the #1 New Consultant my first year in business
  • And I was consistently in the top 25 in the ENTIRE company

Now I say that because….


I am the bomb . com

And I am the BEST Direct Sales Coach there is out there!

In a bombshell, here’s what you can expect from me as your coach:

  1. NO fluff! NO bullshit! Tell it like it is (Yes I swear, if that bothers you, exit NOW)
  2. Through training with me, you will find your “Fastest Path to Cash”
  3. You will always get more value than the price you paid for everything
  4. All you have to do is Train + Trust + Implement because THIS SHIT WORKS!
  5. Everything is delivered to you in a big package of FUN, FUNNY, EXCITING, ENTERTAINING & EDUCATIONAL badassery = POWER COACH ALISHIA!

Here’s the deal, if you’re sick of wasting time and ready to GET BOOKED…

This right here…ME, is the breathe of fresh air you’ve been looking for…


Love, Love, Love,

Power Coach Alishia


We are in this TOGETHER!

I am so glad that you’re here and you finally found me, WE GOT THIS!

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Power Coach Alishia

“Your 6 Figure Direct Sales Coach”

I am the one you go to when you feel like you’ve exhausted all other avenues and you’re looking for Direct Sales coaching that gets you QUICK results.

With my tough mama bear strategies + my FUN, FUNNY, EXCITING & Outrageously crazy energy infused coaching, I will take you from running like a chicken with it’s head cut-off to creating a symmetry between your life and business.

So if you’re ready to make 6 figures a year in your Direct Sales Business and have more quality time to spend with yourself, your partner and your kids, I am ready to help you ROCK with open arms (it doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems) CLICK HERE!